About Us

Wordwise is a local christian bookshop and cafe located in the heart of Kingsbridge, and we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in March 2023.

You are welcome to come and browse, or sit and have a cuppa, cake and a chat...come on in and join the fun... some have even called us their "club".

We have a selection of bibles, cards, cd's, notebooks and gifts in store. We also have a selection of second hand books for you to peruse.

Wordwise is also used for Prison fellowship, WI, prayer ministry, Prospects, Churches Gathering and other meetings. 







Our current Trustees

We are grateful for ALL they do to keep WORDWISE running, and would value your prayers for them. 



DEREK GILCHRIST (1943 - 2018)

Derek was the catalyst who started up Wordwise. His late wife had had a vision of there being a Christian bookshop in Kingsbridge. In the Autumn of 2002 the lease on a bookshop at 41 Fore Street came up for sale. Faithful Derek purchased the lease and THEN came to the committee of Kingsbridge District Churches Together (KDCT) and asked for help to get it going. A working lunch of the clergy in the district took place in early December. Twenty three clergy attended and they were delighted to support this new venture!

Derek, having bought it, stepped aside and let others get on with it. It was a remarkable step of faith and also sacrificial. He was always there for matters pertaining to the shop but never pushy!
The shop opened for business in late March 2003. A myriad of matters had been dealt with in that period such as raising money to buy stock, hiring a paid manager, choosing a computerised till, applying for and getting Charity Status and so on. In all of it the hand of God was visible. Derek had interpreted it correctly!


-  My mother loved this place. It was a wonderful community for her, a safe place to enjoy meeting others, share her faith and have a laugh.

-  Bibles, books and lots more. Some tempting cakes to go with your coffee. Try it.

- Great place to pop in and have a friendly chat with someone!

WORDWISE Kingsbridge